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Professional Indemnity Insurance

15% discount for ADI members 

Implant professionals require professional indemnity insurance due to implant procedures' inherent risks and complexities.

Professional indemnity insurance provides vital coverage for legal expenses and compensation payments in the event of adverse outcomes or malpractice claims, safeguarding the financial stability of these professionals and preserving their reputation.

Additionally, it ensures compliance with GDC requirements, offers peace of mind, knowing there is support in case of litigation, and helps mitigate the potentially significant financial impact of lawsuits. This allows implant professionals to focus on providing high-quality care to their patients.

ADI members* can now enjoy a 15% discount on all professional indemnity policies through Professional Dental Indemnity (PDI). A link to the discount can be found in your member profile.

Our webinar with PDI, "Help I’m being sued by my patient?! How to prevent medico legal issues in Periodontics and Implants", delivered by Amit Patel is now available to watch below. It covers the new classification to help diagnose periodontal disease, how to monitor peri-implant health and refer if there is peri-implantitis, and effective oral hygiene instructions to help maintain periodontal and implant patients (Total time: 1hr 45min).