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Download the ADI historyThe Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is the UK’s independent network for implant dentistry. Our ethos centres around supporting and contributing to the field of dental implants, facilitating both professional and patient education. 

We advocate for evidence-based treatment and advancement of related science, ultimately enhancing access to high-quality, safe and effective dental implant treatment for more patients.

We are proud to be a progressive association that responds to changing professional and patient challenges, and keeps pace with the evolving dental landscape. 

This has been an intrinsic part of our heritage since the very beginning.


Humble but ambitious beginnings

The founding members of the ADI came together through a shared passion for dental implantology – and a desire to make the latest science and evidence-based techniques accessible to UK professionals. Several recall having to travel to Europe or the USA to undergo training or attend lectures on the subject, because it simply wasn’t available in the UK. The need for a group of clinicians or organisation to change this was very apparent.

It all started with a study club in 1987 formed by Barry Edwards, Vivian Freiberger, Ashok Sethi, Eddie Scher, Norman Mills and Philip Freiberger. As word spread, the ADI was born. Clinicians from across the UK joined and demand grew for a more formal educational event.

The first Congress was planned in 1988, with the founding members meeting every Sunday morning to discuss content over smoked salmon bagels. Given that Ashok Sethi was involved in setting up the first Diploma in Dental Implantology in the UK, the standard of education at this event was high right from the start.

Although the ADI has evolved significantly over the last 35 years, one thing has remained the same – its passion to support professional education and share the science behind dental implants, ultimately for the good of patients.

Download the full history - The ADI: Then, Now & Future