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Role of the ADI

The ADI:

  • is neither recommending nor appointing mentors specifically
  • is providing a list of members who wish to provide mentor services and have stated that they are qualified to do so
  • is acting as a facilitator to enable members who wish to pass on their knowledge and clinical expertise to members who wish to extend their knowledge in dental implants
  • is not involved in any financial relationships between mentor and mentee
  • is not involved in any individual contract between mentor and mentee
  • does not accept responsibility for the action or lack of it by mentor/mentee during the clinical activity provided by the qualified practitioners on the ADI register

The payment of a fee either directly (by a patient and/or mentee) or indirectly (benefits) implies an agreement to carry out a task role and accountability for performance to a given standard (duty of care) which necessitates the monitoring of the standard of that performance which will be recorded and documented within the Implant Learning Portfolio, maintained by the learner and informed by the feedback and interactions between the mentor and mentee.

The mentee’s work, while the mentor is present, is the responsibility of the mentor and mentee and not the ADI.