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Immediate Implant Placement Course vs. Socket Preservation & Complications in Implant Dentistry & Dental Trauma

18 October 9:00AM – 19 October 5:00PM 2024

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Date: 18 October 9:00AM – 19 October 5:00PM 2024
Location: Danubius Hotel Regents Park London 18 Lodge Rd, London NW8 7JT
Price: Early Bird £1,199 until 30 June, £1,499 thereafter

2-day Course with Prof. Puria Parvini from Germany.
This comprehensive program will focus on three key areas: Immediate Implant vs. Socket Preservation, Complications in Implant Dentistry and Dental Trauma Management.
- Comprehensive insights into Immediate Implant Placement vs. Socket Preservation: hands-on practice on models
- Successful prevention and management of Complications in Implant Dentistry
- Management of Dental Trauma from A-Z

Event Content

I. Immediate Implant Placement vs. Socket Preservation
Participants will delve into the principles, techniques, and considerations surrounding immediate implant placement versus socket preservation procedures. Indications, advantages, disadvantages, limitations and risks of each procedure will be explained.
Hands-on implant placement on specially designed models and restoration

- Introduction to immediate implantology
- Patient selection, Assessment and treatment planning, CBCT analysis
- Decision-making: When to use socket preservation vs immediate implant placement
- Surgical protocols and techniques, indications and contradictions for immediate implant placement and immediate loading.
- Extraction protocols: the classification of extraction sites to plan treatment for ridge preservation and immediate implant placement in the anterior region. Minimally invasive extraction techniques to preserve the maximum amount of bone before immediate implant placement.
- Implant planning and placement into the extraction socket.
- Step-by step protocols to preserve or minimise bone resorption
- Temporization: prosthetic planning, temporary fabrication. Selection of appropriate prosthetic components and materials for the temporary and final restoration.
- Different techniques for immediate temporisation from chair-side to digital pre-planning
- Socket grafting: Analyse the different graft materials and membranes used for ridge preservation.
- Soft tissue management with CTGs to improve the result in the aesthetic zone.

II. Complications in Implant Dentistry

Through interactive discussions, case reviews and treatment options, attendees will enhance their problem-solving skills and learn how to navigate complex implant-related challenges with confidence.

1. Intraoperative complications:
Flap design
Preoperative acute and chronic infections at the implant site
Incorrect implant angulation
Deep/shallow implant placement
Injury to adjacent teeth
Nerve injury
Bone overheating during drilling
Excessive torque during insertion and compression necrosis
Accidental dislodgement of dental implants into the maxillary incisive canal or alveolar nerve canal
Aspiration or ingestion of foreign material
Implant fracture
Mandibular bone fracture
Insufficient initial stability
Bleeding during incision and flap reflection
Unstable implants
Tissue emphysema induced by dental procedures

2. Postoperative complications:
Postoperative pain
Tissue emphysema induced by dental procedures
Cover screw exposure during healing
Bone growth over the cover screw

III. Management of Dental Trauma


- Master techniques for immediate implant placement and socket preservation.
- Learn to assess, plan, and execute implant procedures effectively.
- Understand the management of dental trauma and complications in implant dentistry.
- Enhance patient care and outcomes through comprehensive implant therapy knowledge and skills.

Resulting Qualification

14 hours verifiable CPD

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