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Paulo Fernando Mesquita de Carvalho

Paulo Fernando Mesquita de Carvalho

Soft tissue graft to improve vertical dimension in the aesthetic zone: Surgical and prosthetic strategies


A correct soft tissue architecture is key and determinant to achieve excellence in implant-supported final restorations. The evaluation of the volume and shape of the surrounding soft tissues may determine the course of treatment in terms of the need of surgical or prosthetic compensation depending on the degree of deficiency.  The partial or complete reconstruction of these defects is a big challenge in the aesthetic zone, especially interproximally. In some cases, modifications in the prosthetic design or the addition of pink ceramic, according to the extension of the defect, may be required. In other cases, different kinds of soft tissue grafts might improve vertically the height of the area and favour an appropriate gingival contour. Several clinical situations, on other hand, require a multidisciplinary approach to address the deficiencies. 

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to identify the different types of aesthetic defect
  • To understand the potential of non-surgical and prosthetic strategies prior to the surgical procedures
  • To be aware of surgical alternatives to improve the vertical dimension of the tissues using soft tissue grafts


Prof.  Paulo Fernando Mesquita de Carvalho received his dental degree from Alfenas University in 1994, and Maxillofacial Surgery at Alfenas University (1998); He is board certificated in Periodontics at Ribeirão Preto Dental School/Sao Paulo University (2002); in Dental Esthetics at SENAC (2008), and completed his Master programs at São Leopoldo Mandic Dentistry Research Center in Campinas (2004). He is also a professor at the ImplantePerio Institute - research and advanced dental training in São Paulo, and is author and co-author of several scientific publications and chapters in textbooks with emphasis on periodontal tissue management around teeth and implants. He is one of the authors of the books “Aesthetic Tissue Reconstruction” (2009) and “Esthetic Perio-Implantology” (2015).

Qualifications: DDS, PhD