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Take back your time with Kiroku


ADI members can enjoy significant discounts (up to 30%) and early-access content on Kiroku subscriptions. Login to find out more on how to access these.

Want to know the modern implant dentist's secret weapon? Kiroku uses AI to help dentists write their notes and letters 60% faster.

With clickable, dynamic templates, your notes are always personalised to your patient. They even populate themselves based on the provided information. Plus, you can convert your notes into a range of letters in a single click - all things that make your dental documentation easier.

ADI members get access to exclusive Note and Doc templates that have been co-created with the ADI team, such as an Implant Assessment template.

Kiroku lives in your browser so it goes with you wherever you work, even if you work in different practices. Your templates are fully customisable: use or edit ready-made templates, the ADI ones or Kiroku can help you create bespoke ones!

Read on to find out more about Kiroku Notes and Docs.



Kiroku Notes (part of the Essential plan)

Say goodbye to lunchtimes or late evenings writing repetitive notes. Kiroku’s clickable templates mean you create thorough notes with prompts to ensure you record all the details you need. Plus, you can even automatically populate related sections such as diagnosis and treatment planning for faster, personalised notes.

These easy-to-use templates can be completed by nurses or assistants with no training. Your Notes templates are fully customisable, so your notes evolve as your clinical practice does.

ADI members get a 10% discount on the first 12 months of their Essential plan subscription, as well as a 14-day free trial.


Kiroku Docs (part of the Pro plan)

We all hate writing letters. So don’t. Convert your Notes into ready-to-send Docs in one click. Write perfect patient letters, referrals and consent forms in a fraction of the time.

Each time you create a Doc, you just need to add recipient/patient information. You can make changes to your letters within Kiroku, with the same functionality you find in other document processors like Word.

Like with Kiroku's Notes templates, these Docs are fully customisable. Ready-to-use Docs templates can be edited, or Kiroku can help you create custom Docs templates.

Kiroku Docs can be downloaded as Word or PDF files from Kiroku. They can also be emailed directly from Kiroku as a PDF or as a Tracked Doc to the patient, other dental professionals or practice administrative staff. E-signatures can also be collected for an improved consent process.

ADI members get a 30% discount on the first 12 months of their Pro plan subscription, as well as a 14-day free trial.

To find out more about Kiroku get in touch at or visit