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Take back your time with Kiroku



Recording of the webinar "Streamline your note taking with ADI and Kiroku" held on Wednesday 25 August 2021 is available at

To set up your ADI Kiroku account see below.

The ADI now offers members free access to an ADI script for implant consultations on Kiroku, a digital note-taking solution designed to help clinicians ensure the quality and efficiency of their notes, saving you time, reducing stress and helping to protect you from potential litigation. With Kiroku you will be able to complete your notes in half the time, allowing you to focus your attention on your patients.

Kiroku works by providing a dynamic template for patient records, prompting dentists or team members to complete all the necessary fields to ensure completeness. It substantially speeds up the entire process by providing a number of scripts that automatically populate certain fields when selected, making it faster and simpler to maintain comprehensive notes after every appointment.

ADI members wishing to access the full set of Kiroku templates, including further dental implant scripts written by ADI which are exclusive to ADI members, can access the Basic or Pro plans at a significantly discounted rate – 10% off Basic and 30% of Pro (Pro includes automated letters and treatment plan support to enhance patient communication and workflow efficiency). Annual subscriptions are discounted further. 

For further information on Kiroku visit, and to hear more about this initiative from Hannah Burrow, CEO of Kiroku as well as ADI President Eimear O’Connell and ADI Regional Representative Shushil Dattani see the ADI News item.

Setting up your Kiroku account

1. Create a free Kiroku account at

2. Ensure you add the code ADI2022 when asked for referral code. (Please noted that this code is for use by current ADI members only.)

3. You will have a free month's trial on Kiroku, which will give you access to the rest of the Kiroku templates. 

4. If during the trial period you choose to subscribe to Kiroku on a monthly basis you will get a 10% discount on Basic and a 30% discount on Pro. For an annual subscription, you will get a 28% discount on Basic and a 44% discount on Pro. 

5. Even if you do not choose to subscribe you will still have access to the ADI implant assessment template for free indefinitely.