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Minimise the risks associated with maxillary sinus augmentation 

For clinicians looking to take their implantology skills to the next level, the ADI provides every opportunity to do so. With a community of individuals who share a passion for clinical excellence in the field, the ADI actively supports professional learning that promotes safe, ethical and effective implant care for patients. Courses and events are typically presented by leading names from across the globe, often discussing cutting-edge techniques and technologies designed to optimise treatment outcomes.

The next ADI Masterclass will embody all of this, to be held on 27th April 2024 and focusing on the topic of sinus augmentation. The day’s programme will expose delegates to an array of clinical challenges and potential solutions in the field, with internationally acclaimed speakers sharing expert insights into the latest techniques, concepts and materials.

Dr Pascal Valentini will be among the speaker line-up, presenting “Maxillary Sinus Augmentation: Prevention and Management of Complication”. Dr Valentini is the Programme Director for European Postgraduate Oral Implantology at the University of Corsica (Corte, France) and the University of Liege in Belgium. He is also an Associate Professor of Implant Dentistry at University of Loma Linda (California, USA) Adjunct Professor of Implant Dentistry in Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) and Visiting Professor of Oral Surgery at the University of Milan (Italy). In addition, Dr Valentini is Past President of the European Association for Osseointegration and author of several scientific articles in the field of maxillary sinus grafting procedures and bone regeneration. 

During his session at the upcoming ADI Masterclass, Dr Valentini will be discussing some of the surgical techniques that can be utilised during maxillary sinus augmentation, as well as how professionals can manage and reduce the potential risks associated with each procedure.

Reflecting on what he feels are the main complications in the field, Dr Valentini says:

“There are two types of complications that can occur: the first incorporates intraoperative complications due to anatomical peculiarities or the inexperience of the oral surgeon. These have little impact on the success rate of implants placed, as they can be easily managed. The second type of complications involves post-operative issues, which occur shortly after – a few weeks after – the operation and these can have serious consequences if not managed correctly. For example, even several years later there may be biological complications such as peri-implantitis, which can lead to sinusitis.

“Preventing these problems should be a priority, though clinicians must understand how to manage symptoms should they occur. A meticulous clinical examination, well-conducted questionnaire, and precise analysis of radiological documents, well as close collaboration with the ENT specialist and the treating clinician are crucial.”

For dental professionals attending the session, there will be plenty of practical tips to take away and use in practice. Summarising what he hopes delegates will gain from his lecture, Dr Valentini says:

“When a surgical technique is used, success does not depend solely on the technical procedure. It is essential to identify as many risk factors as possible and to know how to manage them. This approach will ensure the patient’s safety, and a confident patient is a cooperative patient. My session will help colleagues understand, detect and plan for potential risks in every case.”

The ADI Masterclass is just one of many educational opportunities that the ADI offers, with highly preferential rates available to members. Members also benefit from an array of further advantages, including exclusive access to training resources, research journals, patient information leaflets, a Members-only Facebook Group and so much more.

Dr Valentini comments on his experience with the ADI to date:

“Twice I’ve had the honour of being invited to events organised by the ADI. In 2001, my friend Michael Norton – who was President of the association at the time – invited me to London, and in 2008 I spoke at a Masterclass in Manchester. Each time it was very enriching, both in human and scientific terms, and I am very happy to be returning in 2024.”

Want to elevate your dental implant skills in the area of sinus augmentation? Don’t miss the ADI Masterclass 2024. Save the date – April 27th – and book now!

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