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Learning from world-class speakers at the ADI Members’ National Forum

The ADI Members’ National Forum 2023 brought together colleagues from across the country to hear from world-class implant experts, and network with likeminded professionals. Members convened at the Royal College of Physicians, for a day of education, networking, and socialising. 

The event saw a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical topics covered, with expert speakers presenting case studies which explored various cutting-edge techniques, and offering their peers advice based on their experiences.

I am very grateful to everyone who joined us for our Members’ National Forum. We had a number of our ADI NextGen dentists presenting sessions throughout the day, and we hope that they inspired the new generation of implant dentists by sharing their own experiences. We were delighted to be joined by a wide variety of expert speakers who are working at the forefront of the field, offering us the opportunity to learn from our colleagues in this setting is incredibly valuable. Events such as this really help us to experience the community aspect of the ADI, bringing colleagues together to share their passion for implantology. I also love being able to catch up with friends and colleagues outside of lectures, strengthening relationships and meeting new people.

-       Amit Patel – immediate past president 


The Members’ National Forum was also the setting for the ADI’s Annual General Meeting, during which Amit Patel handed over the Presidency to Zaki Kanaan. 

"I would like to thank Amit, the rest of the team who are working behind the scenes, and the board members for all that they’ve done for the ADI. Amit worked incredibly hard throughout his presidency, from 2021-2023, overcoming challenges presented by COVID, for example, and I would like to thank him for all of his effort. I’ll give you my blood sweat and tears and every decision I make will be for the benefit of the ADI and its members. I hope that we will go from strength to strength.

-       Zaki Kanaan – president

The value of community for our members

Attendees shared their experience of the event, what they enjoy most about being a member of the ADI, and their hopes for the future of the field.

I would recommend ADI membership to all practising dentists. The variety of topics presented by the speakers were as interesting to the novice as to an experienced practitioner. Going forward, I would like to see a closer relationship between implantology and the field of periodontics to be able to place implants in a more predictable manner in the compromised patient.

-       Dr Michel Heidweiller

The ADI Members’ National Forum has been very well organised, well timed, and has supported a wide range of world-class speakers, with plenty of chances to visit different sessions and the trade exhibition. This has been a fantastic opportunity to network, and meet with the many implant dentists and generalists who make up the ADI membership. I very much enjoy being a member of the association, and it is a fantastic way to get involved with the community and contact experts in the field.

-       Dr Sumair Khan 


This year’s event has featured a fantastic range of expert speakers. The ADI has a great board, and I have particularly enjoyed my membership for the past couple of years. The association provides a lot for its members, more so than other organisations in my opinion.

-       Dr Harj Bansal


The ADI Members’ National Forum has been really good. The speakers are world-class, and the format has meant that all sessions and panels have run smoothly. I first joined the ADI due to their excellent reputation, and I wanted to become part of the wider community of implant dentists in the UK.

-       Dr Andrew Farr 


The ADI is very grateful for the support we have received from the dental trade which has allowed us to host this fantastic event. We hope that our members enjoyed the event, and found the opportunity to attend educational sessions, as well as network with colleagues in the field, valuable. If you’re a dentist who provides dental implants, offers related restoration services, or who is looking to start doing so in the future, membership to the ADI offers access to a wealth of knowledge, and a community of likeminded individuals. 

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