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New President Elect Voted In

The ADI is delighted to announce the results of the most recent Presidential elections and introduce Dr Pynadath George as the new President Elect!

Reflecting back on why he felt it was important to get involved with the ADI in the first place, George says:

“It’s vital that every implant dentist joins their national implant organisation in order to stay abreast of new techniques and confirm that their existing techniques are still the most effective available. This can also help to stay up-to-date with the latest research and technology in the field. The ADI is the only national implant organisation in the UK, making it the go-to for UK-based implant dentists.”

Having been involved with the association for some time, George considers his journey with the ADI to date:

“I think the greatest benefits of ADI membership are the education and guidance available, as well as being part of a network of like-minded colleagues who provide help when needed. My initial expectation when joining the ADI was just to learn more about dental implantology, but actually I have come to know many more people and developed strong friendships with those on the ADI board and general members. You become part of a wider community, which brings strength to your own clinical work and benefits to your patients. You learn a lot during drinks, food or after lectures during a chat!”

The full list of membership benefits offered by the ADI can be found here, and includes:

  • Free access to ADI Study Clubs and Members’ National Forum
  • Free premium membership with Dentinal Tubules
  • Free access to research journals, COIR and EDI Journal
  • 50 free patient information leaflets
  • Free implant assessment template on Kiroku
  • Discounted rates to the ADI Team Congress, Masterclasses and Focus Meetings

When asked what it means to be the future President of the ADI, George commented:

“This is probably the highlight of my ADI career. I’ve been on committee since 2016, so have performed roles as Regional Representative for about 4 years and Treasurer for another 4 years. Being voted in as President Elect is recognition of the work I have done on behalf of the association and I am honoured to be taking this on.

“Every President puts their own personal stamp on the role and I look forward to doing the same. We’ve had Presidents with general dental backgrounds, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists – I am more focused on implantology directly, offering the full range of procedures including soft and hard tissue procedures, single and full arch treatment. I’m looking forward to applying my own experience to the role of President. I am also particularly proud to be the first Indian President of the ADI – there have been others of Indian descent, but I will be the first to have been born and grown up in India. I believe this reflects the diversity of the ADI and it demonstrates the opportunities available to those from various different backgrounds.”

Congratulations to George!

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