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ADI returns to live events in style 


ADI returns to live events in style 

“It was absolutely brilliant. I learned so much, met some incredibly lovely and talented people and was made to feel so welcome. I really hope to return and thank you so much for having me.” – delegate feedback

The ADI Members’ National Forum 2021 exceeded expectations with hundreds of dental professionals coming together to share experiences, gain expertise and reignite their enthusiasm for excellence in dental implantology. The Forum saw the return of live events for the ADI, providing an exclusive opportunity for members to socialise and enjoy connecting face-to-face once again.


Delegate feedback included:

“Brilliant to be back face-to-face – I am Zoomed out! Also, great to be able to talk to the speakers informally. The value of interacting with colleagues one on one should not be underestimated.”

“It was an awesome day with some wonderful speakers and I learned a great deal. It was a pleasure to be a part of the day.”

“Excellent, as always, and reflects the validity of this Association. A true credit to the profession, by very professional members.”


Making this a highly unique conference, the ADI Members’ National Forum presented a dynamic programme with short, sharp presentations from members themselves. The concept was to give delegates quick and efficient insight into new ideas, innovative technologies and novel products that colleagues are using right now. This enabled professionals to share real-life experiences, gain invaluable information and seek advice from trusted and well-respected peers across the profession. It also gave members a chance to get a taste for presenting their own findings or discuss topics of interest to them in a safe and supportive environment.


Eimear O’Connell, Immediate Past President, commented:

“The ADI Members’ National Forum was a great success and it was a wonderful way to mark a return of face-to-face events for the ADI. The highlight was having representatives from different member groups; dental hygienists, technicians and dentists. 

“This Forum is a wonderful way to get started in presenting your work. The ADI is a friendly, welcoming organisation that wants to support its members in the field of dental implant education. I personally loved the discussions around remote working as this is still at the cutting-edge and utilises technology to the advantage of the dentist and the patients.” 

Among the sessions of note was one by Avik Dandapat sharing his approach to immediate molar placement. Colleagues were interested in his step-by-step guide for surgical success in immediate implant placement cases, gaining plenty of practical hints and tips along the way to be applied to their own practice. The different augmentation techniques discussed further ensured a comprehensive lecture, even in the brief time allotted.

Also making use of every minute available was Nigel Jones, who encouraged delegates to think more about the materials they are using as part of their bone augmentation procedures. Clinicians were asked to critically consider whether the bone substitutes they typically use in practice really are the best for the patient, or if there are other solutions that might encourage even better outcomes. Questions asked and debate was sparked – both signs of an engaging and constructive presentation! 

Reflecting the ADI’s continued commitment to promoting a team approach in dental implantology, the event incorporated sessions for all members of the dental implant team. Claire McCarthy, for example, shared her extensive wisdom in peri-implant diseases, their development, risk factors and management. Supported by the significant body of evidence currently available, she offered a plethora of easily implementable protocols to help clinicians enhance their management techniques for exceptional results. The message was clear – prevention is always a priority, followed by delayed disease progression and early intervention.

Aside from those mentioned, there were various sessions that offered a quick fire-round of information, guidance and innovative ideas to promote quality, efficiency and confidence among the dental implant team. Dominic O’Hooley introduced a unique implant design and concept, while David Burgess presented the findings of a 2018 study into how site preparation differs between clinicians as well as other factors impacting success and reproducibility. Colleagues were also able to review sinus elevation techniques with Stavros Eleftheriou and full arch rehabilitation concepts with Alfonso Rao. Panel discussions and between-lecture conversations ensured a highly interactive programme that kept delegates engaged throughout.

As with all ADI events, the Members’ National Forum 2021 was also a fantastic opportunity for attendees to catch up with friends, socialise in-person and enjoy some down time with individuals from across the profession. As the first live event from the ADI in many months, it was also a great chance for individuals to reconnect with the association and keep abreast of the latest news and innovations.


As part of the AGM, the Presidency baton was officially passed on from Eimear to Amit Patel. About the event, Amit commented:

“It has been a fantastic event to be a part of – just as we all knew it would be. Being able to see so many friends and colleagues from the field has been amazing and an important reminder that we as clinicians have a supportive network to turn to. The topics covered as part of the programme have been enlightening and it has been a pleasure to hear from peers with such an extensive and eclectic range of expertise. I have certainly taken plenty away and will be implementing new ideas in my own practice!”


So, what’s next? The ADI offers an array of educational and networking opportunities for the entire dental implant team to make the most of. Eimear outlines the upcoming events that members can look forward to:

“We have lots of exciting events lined up for 2022 and really are looking forward to a more normalised way of catching up with everyone. Whilst I love digital technologies, I really will be glad to not to be restricted to virtual meetings!”

A huge thank you to everyone to helped make this such a fantastic event!

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