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Article from Plenary Programme Speaker Snjezana Pohl

‘The Case for a Socket Shield Protocol'

Dental implantology is a rapidly advancing field of dentistry, with new techniques, materials and technologies entering the market all the time. Remaining abreast of the latest developments is important for clinicians and their teams involved in the delivery of treatment. It ensures that they are utilising the most up-to-date, evidence-based concepts that optimise effectiveness and safety of patient procedures.

As such, it is crucial to carefully evaluate any new ideas that are introduced to the profession. Understanding the techniques and materials proposed is important for effectively applying them to your own practice. It is also necessary to ensure that these new solutions are as good as they seem and that they are properly utilised.

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) has long been committed to supporting professional educational and is proud to have built up a proactive membership of several thousand dentists, dental hygienists, therapists, dental nurses and dental technicians. Its Team Congress is a highlight of the educational calendar for many involved with dental implants, and the 2022 event is set to be exceptional. 

Entitled “The Great Debate: Current Dilemmas in Dental Implantology”, the Congress will present a dynamic programme of workshops and lectures. Sessions will provide insights on some of the very latest solutions in the field, with world-class speakers sharing their own opinions and experiences. The aim is to help delegates critically appraise emerging treatment concepts and techniques in order to improve their own treatment provision.

Among the highly anticipated speakers will be Snjezana Pohl, a leading clinician from Croatia. Dual qualified in dentistry and medicine, Dr Pohl is a Specialist in Oral Surgery and Periodontology, as well as being highly experienced with dental implants.  She is an oral surgeon at Rident Dental Clinic, an Assistant Professor for the Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology at the University of Rijeka, and she lectures extensively around the world.

At the ADI Team Congress 2022, Snjezana will be exploring a clinical technique that has so far met some resistance within the dental community.

“My topic – The Case for a Socket Shield Protocol – fits perfectly in a Congress programme dedicated to current dilemmas in dental implantology,” she says. “I am excited to present and explain my topic, and convince the audience of the benefits afforded by this treatment philosophy, which is based on the retention of the healthy periodontal ligament. By intentionally retaining tooth root lamella that is attached to the alveolar buccal bundle bone by a healthy periodontal ligament, there is potential to revolutionise implant dentistry by maintaining almost 100% of the alveolar ridge dimensions.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Partial extraction therapy still faces a lot of resistance, mainly based on some systematic reviews showing a high complication and failure rate when parts of roots are retained in close proximity to the dental implants. However, these publications have not distinguished between unintentionally retained roots with pathology and intentionally prepared socket shielding. Initial evidence supporting the technique was published in 2010, so it is understandable that the amount of literature cannot compare to that supporting conventional socket preservation and dental implant placement concepts. Currently, we have three mid- and long-term studies available.”

During her presentation, Snjezana will offer practical information and advice to help clinicians achieve the best results when using the technique. She continues: 

“Socket shield preparation is often believed to be extremely technique-sensitive. It is true that there are specific rules for effective socket shield preparation and dental implant placement that must be followed. However, once a clinician understands the principles of partial extraction therapy, becomes familiar with the literature and implements careful case selection, they will be able to predictably achieve exceptional aesthetic and functional results with this technique. From here, there is no way back to conventional dental implant placement procedures.”

The ADI Team Congress is just one of the various educational opportunities available through the ADI. It caters to both the learning and networking needs of its members and the wider profession, with themes chosen to ensure a highly relevant programme. 

“I am looking forward to joining the ADI Team Congress 2022 to enjoy the learning and sharing of information in a unique atmosphere,” adds Dr Pohl. “In 2019, I gave a lecture about osseodensification for a limited number of participants at an ADI event and was delighted that delegates liked it enough to recommend me as a speaker for the future. My invitation to the ADI Team Congress 2022 speaks volumes for the ADI spirit – there is no organisation or company backing me, but the ADI listened to its clinicians when designing this programme.”


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