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New ADI Gateway Resource

Professor Nikos Donos introduces ADI's new gateway to published consensus documents

ADI is delighted to launch its new Gateway resource for the whole dental community, to facilitate access to relevant evidence-based research needed to answer important clinical questions. 

“There was a clear need to update the ADI clinical guidelines for peri-implant diseases given the number of international consensus conferences that have taken place in this topic in the past few years. The result of these meetings was the creation of a number of consensus statements and clinical guidelines, but they also identified research needs/directions that were important for future development in this topic.

“As the ADI already had guidelines regarding management of peri-implant diseases (which required an update), we believed this would be an appropriate topic to start with for this project. The ADI’s intention for this new feature is to further expand to other topics within the field of implant dentistry. We aim to bring together experts/clinical academics to review the different topics discussed at the international consensus conferences, and classify them according to clinically relevant questions. 

“This new feature is not a typical guideline in that we extract the information and provide a list of instructions for clinicians. Instead, we have brought the information from recent consensus conferences together. We created different clinically-relevant questions within peri-implant diseases – for example, how do you treat peri-implant mucositis; can you predictably perform surgery in the presence of peri-implantitis? Then, in one platform, we collected all the titles of the most recent systematic reviews and consensus conference statements for each relevant question. An advantage of this feature is that a number of the titles listed are open access papers, which makes it easier for professionals to review.

“An important element was the team assembling this information. Based on the experience gathered over the years when attending many consensus conferences, I knew that we needed a team which included clinical academics at the forefront of research and clinicians who apply the clinical research outcomes to everyday practice and have experienced the development of implant dentistry over the years.” 

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The ADI would like to express its gratitude to Professor Donos and the team who undertook this work - from left to right around table: Eddie Scher, Eimear O'Connell, Amit Patel, Elena Calciolari, Phil Freiberger, Nikos Tatarakis, Nikos Donos, Nikos Mardas, Nikos Gkranias, Pynadath George, Tim Hogan (staff) and Abigail Haviland (staff). 


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