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Noel Perkins 'Picture of Excellence' - Dental Photography

Press clipping from Dentistry magazine

Noel Perkins spoke to Dentistry magazine about his Study Club on dental photography.

Clinial photography is an essential tool for communication with our patients and other members of the dental team. It enhances the quality of clinical record keeping, improves patient education and can help mitigate patient complaint, which is especially important in the current dentolegal climate.

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Breaking down barriers

Lack of consistency and attention to detail are the biggest mistakes when evaluating dental photographs. It is essential to follow a reproduceable photographic protocol to improve in both these areas, which can be adapted to each patient's needs.


Photography is an art and a science. It must start in the mind, with clear pre-visualisation of the desired outcome and knowledge of the means to achieve that outcome.

optimising outcomes

There are various techniques and technologies that can be incorporated to improve predictability of clinical photography. For example, in the past, shade management had been qualitative in nature due to a lack of standardisation across the dental industry.


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