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Andy Denny on Co-Discovery, Communication & Facially Generated Treatment

Press Clipping from Private Dentistry

Andy Denny spoke to Private Dentistry on his Study Club subject "Co-Discovery, Communication & Facially Generated Treatment".

Co-discovery is a more holistic approach to patient care. When employed correctly, it offers superior results, improved consent and greater patient satisfaction. For it to work effectvely, communication is key.

By combining a holistic pproach to care with co-discovey and facially generated treatment planning, dental practitioners can offer superior results and greater patient satisfaction.

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A summary of topics covered


Humans use various methods to comunicate with others. Many authorities consider non-verbal to be of greater significance than speech, with approximately 70-80% of what we convey being inferred from indications other than the words we use (body language, facial expression, physiological tells, etc).

Involving Patients

This is especially important when taking a multi-disciplinary approach. Few dental problems can be entirely isolated and the current trend towards more holistic dentistry means clinicians will be performing comprehensive assessments that take all aspects of oral health into account. Patients need to understandwhy we do this, which can only happen if we educate them effectively.

Aesthetic Desires

Another benefit of the mtlti-disciplinary approach to dentistry is the advantage of improved aesthetics. As patients today have a heightened awareness of their appearance, the need for natural looking, beautiful dentistry has become more important than ever. The desired esthetic outcome can be established at the outset, taking into account the entire face and not just the mouth.

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