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Join Our ADI Scholarships Initiative

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is the national UK membership organisation for Implant Dentists. Our remit is to advance education and knowledge on our specialist area to the dental industry and the public.

With a view to encouraging students from the Black community to be able to participate more in studying this field, we have launched the ADI Scholarships Initiative. This is designed to offer support and access to education opportunities for those least able to consider these areas of study.

We would like to invite all those Dental or Implantology Students from Black and Afro-Caribbean heritage studying at any level at UK Universities and institutions to take part.


About the ADI Scholarships Initiative:

The scheme is intended for those who require professional support, mentoring, financial assistance and access to the best knowledge and career advice in the Industry in order to advance their studies towards Implant Dentistry.

The ADI is committed to fostering diversity and providing equal opportunities in the dental implantology sector. Our scholarship program is designed to support black students who aspire to excel in dental implantology studies. We believe that by offering financial assistance, mentorship, and resources, or a combination of these, we can help empower talented individuals to pursue their dreams and make a lasting impact on the field.


Application Timeline:

The scheme is now open to all UK students and the Assessment Panel has been convened. This is composed of educators, academics, representatives of organisations supporting Black Dentists and the ADI itself. All are experienced mentors and supporters of equality and opportunity for all. They will be making decisions on the outcomes of the Scholarship awards by the end of July 2024, so please apply early!

We hope the Scholarship Initiative will continue in succeeding academic years, so if you miss out this time or are considering taking up or applying for a place at a UK institution next year, we also want to hear from you!


Why Apply:

  • You can take advantage of our expert knowledge, make a meaningful impact on your education and career development in dental implantology.
  • You will have privileged access to ADI events, Masterclasses and Study Clubs happening in your local areas and nationwide.
  • You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of professionals in the dental industry.
  • You can contribute to breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity in dentistry.


How to Apply:

If you are passionate about dentistry, education, and diversity, please send your resume and a brief statement of how the ADI Scholarship Initiative can support your studies to:

The ADI believes in equal opportunities for all, and this scheme is only one of various ways in which our Charity helps spread education and interest in Implant Dentistry. Join us in making a difference in your lives as aspiring dental implantology students and in fostering a more inclusive and diverse dental community.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact:


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