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Boyne Dental Implant Year Course 2019

22 February – 10 October 2020

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Presented by: Boyne Dental with BioHorizons
Date: 22 February – 10 October 2020
Location: Co. Meath
Price: £6,500.00

Aims & Objectives

​The ​aim ​of ​this ​modular ​Implant ​Course ​is ​to ​clinically ​train ​the ​dentist ​in ​implantology ​and ​equip ​the ​delegates ​with ​the ​key ​skills ​needed ​to successfully ​integrate ​implants ​as ​a ​treatment ​option ​into ​the ​practice.

Over 8 modules this course will allow ​delegates ​to ​cover:

  • ​The ​essentials ​in ​treatment ​planning
  • Surgical ​and ​prosthodontic ​skills ​needed ​to ​complete ​the ​course ​with ​confidence
  • Preparing ​and ​developing ​the ​skills ​of ​the ​practice ​team ​to ​efficiently support ​the ​implantologist.

Course delegates are encouraged to bring auxiliary staff on the applicable module days. Auxiliary staff training is included in the delegate course fee.

Event Content

Over a series of 8 modules delegates will cover, amongst other things,:

  • Introduction to surgical dentistry
  • Oral Surgery Skills
  • Introduction of technique
  • Instrumentation and materials
  • Flap design & Suturing techniques
  • Soft and hard tissue management
  • Treatment options for tooth replacement
  • Risk factors and evidence base
  • Risk assessment and case selection
  • Radiography and dental implants
  • Costing implant treatment and communication
  • Treatment planning & site preparation
  • Extraction techniques
  • Implant site preparation to include ridge preservation protocols
  • Diagnostic procedures and fabrication of surgical templates
  • 4 days of live surgery training
  • Hands-on surgical assistance
  • Case planning, risk assessment and surgical delivery
  • Surgical instruments and materials
  • Anatomy relevant to implant surgery
  • Pharmacology
  • Post-operative healing and complications
  • Healing abutment selection
  • Prosthetic instrumentation
  • Prosthetic design
  • Impression techniques
  • Occlusion and jaw registration
  • Abutment types and selection
  • Cement v screw retention
  • The soft tissue bone interface
  • Platform switching
  • Rehabilitating the edentulous jaw
  • Dental implants in the edentulous patient
  • Overdenture design and terminology
  • Multi-unit prosthetic management
  • Use of cantilevers in implant treatment
  • Advanced planning in the aesthetic zone
  • Risk factors in aesthetic management
  • Soft tissue sculpting with provisional restorations
  • Managing complications
  • Technical and biological failures
  • Managing patient / dentist issues
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Peri-implant issues
  • Removing the failing implant
  • Dealing with soft tissue deficiencies


Start an Implant Year Course that offers you

  • live implant surgery training
  • the opportunity to select and treat your own patients
  • mentorship throughout the course
  • training for single unit, overdenture and small multi-unit cases
  • development for best practice
  • guidance on risk assessment, patient consent, structured treatment planning
  • a GDC compliant curriculum
  • BioHorizons Territory Manager support
  • business development advice to build your Practice
  • comprehensive teaching modules and support tools designed to get you and your practice implant ready

€6950 - inclusive of VAT and auxiliary staff training

Note you will be charged in euros with exchange rate your bank provides on day.

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