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Dental implant complications- prevent it and prepare for it.

25 September 2019

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Presented by: Quest Study group
Date: 25 September 2019
Location: BizSpace Fleming House, 5 Fleming Road Kirkton campus Livingston EH54 7BN From 6.30pm - 9pm.

Organised by: Girish Bharadwaj
Phone: 07930501910

Aims & Objectives

Aims and objectives:

To obtain broad understanding of implant restorations

Event Content

Practice of implantology involves understanding complications and ability to manage them.

As in any surgical speciality complications do occur in implantology albeit rare. If a clinical prepares and pro actively takes steps to prevent any complications, this would go a long way in providing an optimal care to patient.

The course aims at addressing the routine challenges that a clinical team can face and points out how to address within the skill levels of practitioner.



Recognise different types of complications in routine practice.

Refer appropriately when necessary.

Be able to advice patient when the risk of failure is high and generally contra indicated.

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