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Structured Implant Training Course for Dentists - Practical Implant Dentistry

20 September 2019 – 7 November 2020

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Presented by: PID-Academy
Date: 20 September 2019 – 7 November 2020
Location: Yorkshire
Price: £16,000.00

Aims & Objectives

The primary aim of the Academy is to educate and train dental surgeons empowering them to carry out clinical implant dentistry safely, effectively and predictably.

It is also the aim of the Academy to support participants to attain a recognisable formal qualification in addition to the detailed e-CPD that is provided.

Participants are educated and trained to qualifying them for a variety of postgraduate diplomas, for example the Diploma Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Examination Fees are covered within the course fees conditional to the diploma being completed within one year of the end of the course.

Event Content

The course comprises a total 12 two-day modules of face-to-face teaching. Each day comprises of interactive lectures and practical sessions to develop skills related to surgical and restorative procedures that need to be carried out on patients. A full range of clinical procedures is covered to enable participants to have a thorough understanding of the field.

The ultimate simulation model – fresh frozen cadavers – are used for skill development of all relevant surgical procedures.

Clinical cases.

In addition, on a Thursday prior to each Module (Friday and Saturday) clinical demonstrations are carried out as well as treatment of patients by the course participants under the guidance of the directors.

An additional day is provided once a week for clinical training (mentoring) of participants who will treat patients for all aspects of implant dentistry.

All clinical cases involve recruitment, assessment and treatment planning, consent and surgical as well as restorative phases of treatment. Monitoring is also carried out by the course participants. To facilitate this, a free Simplant licence is provided for all participants during the duration of this course.

Clinical cases can be carried out at the training teaching or add the participants own practice.

Mentors, who have formal training will also support clinical treatment of patients.


A full range of topics are covered ranging from fundamental implant dentistry to more advanced procedures. Therefore, the course becomes very suitable for the newcomer and those who wish to further develop their skills to encompass a greater range of treatments that they can offer their patients.

The course is open to the users of all implant systems and focuses very much on the features of an implant and the component parts and their resultant effect on the treatment outcome.

The course is conducted in Yorkshire which is essentially in the centre of the country, easily accessible by road and public transport. This is therefore attractive for participants attending from all parts of the country.

The facilities selected by the directors include lecture theatres, workstations for practical sessions and clinical facilities for surgical and restorative treatment.

Resulting Qualification

Certificate, PID-Academy also encourages external qualification (e.g. Dip Imp Dent RCSEd)

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