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Piezosurgery, Grafting and GBR

5 – 6 July 2019

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Presented by: Angelo Troedhan & Peter Fairbairn
Date: 5 – 6 July 2019
Location: Leeds UK
Price: £1,500.00

Aims & Objectives

A 2 day hands on course for minimally invasive and safe surgery techniques using the piezotome surgery for ridge preservation, crest splitting, transcrestal sinus lifting and use of EthOss.

Event Content

The course will provide a short basic revision of current knowledge of bone-healing, bone-regeneration, osseointegration and radiographic anatomy followed by a detailed comparison of 2D versus 3D treatment-planning and of the physical and biologic impact when drills and the new Gold-Standard Piezotomes are used in bone-augmentation procedures and implantology. Minimal invasive and safe surgical techniques such as Piezotome-ridge-preservation, Piezotome-crest-splitting and ultrasonic transcrestal sinuslifting will be highlighted.

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