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Winchester Study Club

21 November 2019
BAD Implant Placement

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Presented by: Nikhil Sisodia
Host: Peter Sanders
Date: 21 November 2019
Time: 1900 Refreshments 1930 Lecture
Location: The Winchester Hotel & Spa, Worthy Lane, Winchester, SO23 7AB

Biologically Adapted Drilling for implant placement.

Bone density varies from patient to patient and site to site within the same mouth. Most of us are taught to follow a pre-ordained drilling protocol according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, very often practicing this on artificial typodont models. This approach doesn’t take the bone quality into account and can leave us with unpredictable primary stability.

Nik Sisodia will outline various approaches he has used for bone manipulation modifying osteotomy preparation depending on bone quality and quantity including different surgical techniques used to develop and enhance the implant recipient site. Over the years he has tried a variety of methods and will share when and where they are used in specific ways to expand, widen, modify or otherwise improve and simplify the surgical aspect of implantology. Techniques covered will include Bone Spreaders, Bone Condensers, Versah Drills, End Cutting Drills, Piezosurgery, Mectron Sentineri Spreaders techniques that allow us to take a biologically driven approach to prepare each individual site optimally based on the tactile feedback at pilot osteotomy which should result in a more predictable primary stability and greater insertion torque.

Attendees will understand:

  • A range of different options available to modify the bone at a proposed implant recipient site
  • When each of these techniques can be utilised
  • An appreciation for newer techniques that can reduce patient morbidity when grafting and placing dental implants


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