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Sinus Lift Course and Complication Management in Sinus Lift

6 December 9:00AM – 7 December 5:00PM 2024

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Date: 6 December 9:00AM – 7 December 5:00PM 2024
Location: Danubius Hotel Regents Park, London NW8 7JT, London
Price: £1,550

Organised by: Dental Iceberg of Dental Iceberg
Phone: 07399257896

Further details about this event

This 2 day hands-on training taught by Prof. Puria Parvini from Germany, is suited to dentists looking to expand their knowledge and skills by learning step-by-step Sinus Lift Techniques and Managing Sinus Lift Complications.

This course will cover all stages of sinus lift procedures, from treatment planning to various surgical approaches, including the lateral, crestal, and piezo augmentation methods. Participants will also learn protocols for identifying, preventing, and managing complications that may arise during sinus lift procedures.

Hands-on practice with Piezosurgery & surgical motors on sheep-jaws and models.

Event Content

Part I.

- Anatomy of the sinus and the surrounding structures
- CBCT evaluation and treatment planning for predictable sinus grafting
- Flap design
- Crestal sinus lift and bone splitting
- Lateral window technique with different instrumentations
- Sinus floor elevation from the palatal side
- Hydrodynamic Piezosurgery sinus elevation
- The Schneiderian membrane – practical tips on how to elevate it
- Sinus Augmentation graft materials and surgical techniques
- Preparation techniques of the implant site with low residual bone height
- Combination with lateral augmentation
- Sinus floor augmentation without bone grafting
- Complex techniques for posterior maxillary reconstruction
- Contraindications for sinus lift

practice of techniques on models and sheep jaws with Piezosurgery and surgical motors

- Rare anatomical features
- Bleeding risks due to arterial blood vessels in the lateral bony wall of the sinus
- Membrane perforations
- Polyps, mucoceles, Procedure for transversal and sagittal septa, external floor elevation after previous ENT- Treatment
- Medical interventions, endoscopically monitored sinus lift

Part II.

Preoperative complications
- Preoperative acute, chronic and fungal sinusitis
- Preoperative cystic structures and mucoceles

Intraoperative complications in implant placement
- Sinus floor perforation
- Bleeding
- Dislocation
- Aspiration or ingestion of foreign objects
- Perforation of the sinus membrane during elevation
- Bleeding during membrane elevation
- Presence of a mucus retention cyst
- Blockage of the maxillary ostium

Postoperative Complications
- Postoperative pain
- Complications associated with lateral window sinus elevation
- Acute graft infection/sinusitis
- Chronic infection/sinusitis
- Delayed implant migration into the sinus cavity

Resulting Qualification

14 hours verifiable CPD

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