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23 March 2024 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Date: 23 March 2024 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Price: £100

Comprehensive digital workflow for tooth replacement to full-arch restoration
Prosthetically guided approaches from simple to complex cases
Learn precise treatment planning through proper data collection
Create a digital patient environment in software
Replicate digital plan on the actual patient for predictability
Time optimisation and final outcomes
Cutting-edge approaches with next-gen modular templates - P-CUBE
Implant fixtures tailored for immediate-load rehabilitations

Aims & Objectives

Learning Objectives
1. Digital Workflow Mastery Gain proficiency in utilizing digital workflows for implant surgery procedures. Understand the process of creating
adigital patient model for precisetreatment planning.
5. Treatment Planning Precision Understand how to plan all phases of treatment precisely in the digital environment, ensuring accurate replication
on the actual patient.
2. Comprehensive Rehabilitation Knowledge
6. Clinical Benefits and Optimisation Learn rehabilitative protocols for both simple and complex Explore the benefits of prosthetically guided implant
cases, spanning fromsingle-toothrestoration to
surgery, including predictability, time optimization, and the
full-archprocedures. enhancement of precision and accuracy in the final
3. Prosthetically Guided Approaches Focus on prosthetically guided approaches, emphasizing the integration of prosthetic considerations in treatment
7. Cutting-Edge Techniques Familiarise yourself with cutting-edge techniques involving next-generation modular templates and implant fixtures
designed for immediate-load rehabilitations.
4. Data Collection and Patient Digitalisation Acquire correct protocols for data collection and the creation of a digital patient environment within software

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