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Online Implant Restorative Course

5 February 9:00AM – 17 March 5:00PM 2024

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Date: 5 February 9:00AM – 17 March 5:00PM 2024
Location: Course completed digitally
Price: £1,260 Inc. VAT (plus £500 deposit for equipment - returned after the course)

In this innovative and interactive course, practitioners will learn how to reconstruct straightforward implants. The course will be taught over six weeks through a series of modules based on our dedicated online learning platform, which includes hands-on practicals on models.

Aims & Objectives

To learn the fundamentals of implant treatment planning.
To understand what to expect when a patient returns from having implant surgery.
To learn the various techniques to record an impression of an implant- including practical hands-on.
Gain an overview of the various choices of implant abutments and implant crowns available and when to use them.
Learn how to fit an implant crown.
Learn the fundamentals of occlusion in relation to implant reconstruction.
Investigate marketing strategies to acquire more implant patients.

Event Content

The course is spread across six weeks and is bookended by an introductory week and a final week designed for the marketing project and finishing any content you may have fallen behind on. In between, there are four weeks where you will be required to consume a range of content and complete various projects designed to complement theoretical-based learning.

Please note the entire course can be completed alongside your work and domestic commitments.

There are only two live sessions. A Zoom call on the first and final Monday of the course, from 7 pm until 8 pm.

Week 1: 5th to 11th February

Module 1: Introductory Week and Onboarding.

Monday: Official start of the course live Zoom session with Andy Legg at 7:00 pm.

Week 2: 12th to 18th February

Module 2: Overview of Implant Planning.

Module 3: When the patient returns from having implant surgery.

Week 3: 19th to 25th February

Module 4: Implant Impression Techniques.

Module 5: Screw retained vs Cement retained- abutment and crown choice.

Week 4: 26th February to 3rd March

Module 6: Laboratory communication.

Module 7: Implant Crown Fit.

Week 5: 4th to 10th March

Module 8: Occlusion related to implant restorations.

Module 9: Implant crown maintenance.

Week 6: 11th to 17th March

Module 10: Marketing Implant Treatments.

Monday: Live Zoom session at 7:00 pm to close the course.


An innovative online course consisting of 10 modules over six weeks, with associated projects providing attendees with a unique and interactive experience.

A dedicated Slack channel (communication platform) for all course delegates to engage as a group and with the course faculty.

Modules and projects that have been specifically designed to develop skills and knowledge to help build a foundation in implant restorative dentistry.

Flexibility to complete the course at a time that suits the delegate.

Hands on training on models, with comments and discussion led by both faculty members and peers.

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