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Webinar: Streamlining Your Work Flow with Kiroku

9 November 2023 7:00PM – 8:30PM

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Presented by: Paul Shenfine and Hannah Burrow
Host: Paul Shenfine
Date: 9 November 2023 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Time: 19:00

Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding the common problems and shortcomings with conventional, static note-taking and documentation templates and how the note-taking / documentation process can be improved

2. How to use Kiroku's Note templates to create better more contemporaneous notes, faster and more efficiently 

3. Ways to streamline your documentation workflow by combining Kiroku Notes and Docs


Hannah is the CEO and cofounder of Kiroku. Kiroku is a smart note-taking tool that helps you take notes in a third of the time, makes sure notes are more complete (reducing risk of litigation) and lets you spend more time focusing on the patient. Prior to starting Kiroku, she had worked in practices, hospitals and at Public Health England. She graduated from Bristol Dental School in 2014.

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