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Consent, treatment planning, fee setting and patient communication

10 November 8:30AM – 11 November 4:00PM 2023

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Date: 10 November 8:30AM – 11 November 4:00PM 2023
Location: LCIAD, W1G 8GW
Price: £795.00 (£995.00 to include a nurse or TCO)

Organised by: Sarah Ward of LCIAD | Academy
Phone: 020 7323 3041

Further details about this event

A 2-day course on fee setting aimed at dental surgeons and their teams. Especially useful for practice owners or those about to become practice owners. Learn to streamline the new patient consultation process and plan cases efficiently. Understand practice finances, set realistic fees based on sound treatment planning and ensure proper ongoing consent in compliance with GDC Standards.

Aims & Objectives

The aims of this course are to teach the basics of patient-centred case management for practice owners and their teams and give associate colleagues a realistic understanding of the time and costs associated with providing high level dental care in private practice.

It also covers the consent process and required professional GDC Standards in the UK.

Delegates will learn how to:

Understand the basics of the consent process and GDC standards and therefore ensure that the communication and consent process is valid
Determine practice overheads and targets and thus calculate time-related costs
How to ensure that sufficient patient data is collected before and during a new patient consultation as efficiently as possible
Learn how to collect and collate data for treatment planning purposes
Understand the real costs of time spent when treatment planning and communicating with our patients outside surgery hours to ensure a better work-life balance
Streamline the documentation, communication and consent process using modern GDPR-compliant methods including secure form design and digital signing of documents in order to save time and energy and prevent miscommunication when maintaining records.
The course will mainly concentrate on the use of Exact Dental management software (Software of Excellence), Cognito online forms, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign and touch on the role of Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Bridge and Microsoft PowerPoint. However the principles are applicable to other comparable software packages.


12 hours of lectures and subject-based discussions

Interactive problem solving, scenario reflection

Practical time-related exercises based on real-life planning scenarios and examples of fee setting

The delegates will need to be thinking and planning and communicating on their feet and audience participation will be required!

QR codes to download presentation will be provided at the start of the course.

Resulting Qualification

14 hours of verifiable eCPD. GDC learning outcomes A, B & D.


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