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Practical Laser Training for Dentists and Therapists

8 September 9:00AM – 9 September 5:00PM 2023

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Date: 8 September 9:00AM – 9 September 5:00PM 2023
Location: Radisson Red Heathrow London
Price: £495+VAT for 2 day course

Organised by: Jai Reddy of Dental Routes
Phone: 07830814625

Further details about this event

Join the Dental Routes laser mentors in London for two hands-on full day practical laser training courses which will cover all the essentials for you to safely and effectively use a diode and all-tissue laser.

Aims & Objectives

Understand the health and safety regulations in using laser in your daily practice Improve your understanding of laser physics

Gain insights into evidence-based core knowledge

Become familiar with different laser wavelengths and their applications Understand how laser wavelengths interact with various target tissues and obtain optimal outcome

Learn the advantages in comparison to conventional methods

Event Content

9AM Registration
Laser safety
Overview of Diode Laser
Physics of Diode Laser
11AM Coffee break
Diode Laser - Interaction with Oral Tissue
Treatment Protocols and theraputic doses
1PM Lunch
Lasers In Periodontal Therapy
Lasers in Peri-Implantitis management
Lasers in Gingival Margin Management
Lasers in Soft Tissue Management
3PM Coffee break
Hands on practical workshop: Surgical Techniques, PBM - Dentists/Hygienists

9AM Registration
Overview of LiteTouch Laser - Er:YAG
Physics of LiteTouch Laser - Er:YAG
11AM Coffee break
Lasers in Implant and oral surgery
Lasers in Peri-Implantitis management
Lasers In Restorative and cosmetic dentistry
Lasers in Endodontics
Lasers in Soft Tissue Management
Hard tissue management - Clinical applications
Soft tissue management - Clinical applications
3PM Coffee break
Hands on practical workshop: hard and soft tissue cutting
Practical tips, hints and lookout for pitfalls


Dental lasers offer versatile, minimally invasive alternatives for treating a wide range of conditions, and promotes enhanced and accelerated healing.

This is all made possible with the absence of a scalpel or drill. Compared to conventional methods, the patient experiences less pain, swelling or bruising as blood vessels are opened and sealed simultaneously.

Resulting Qualification

14hrs CPD

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