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Oral Surgery Cadaver Course for GDP’s

27 October 8:30AM – 28 October 5:30PM 2023

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Date: 27 October 8:30AM – 28 October 5:30PM 2023
Location: Coventry
Price: £1250 +VAT

This Oral Surgery Course is open to all dentists, not just those who practice in dental implants, offering the opportunity to upskill and enhance their oral surgery skills through with fresh, frozen human cadavers.

Aims & Objectives

Day One will cover:
Medical, clinical, and radiographic assessment pre-operatively
Anatomy and local anaesthetic technique
All surgery instrumentation and management of routine XLAs
Surgical extractions; technique and management
Wisdom teeth extractions and CBCT imaging
Complications and their management
Day Two will cover:
The hands-on Cadaveric Training Day at the West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, Coventry.

Event Content

This course offers GDPs & Implant Clinicians the opportunity to upskill and enhance their oral surgery skills through online training and hands on practical on cadavers. Criteria for case selection, including medical, radiographic and clinical assessment of oral surgery cases.
To consolidate the knowledge of anatomy relevant to oral surgery.
To understand local anaesthetic techniques and pharmacology relevant oral surgery.
To Comprehend the basic principles of oral surgery, Including instrumentation to be used to different procedures.
To comprehend the principles of surgical extractions, including flap raising, bone removal and suturing.
To understand the principles behind the removal of impacted teeth, including lower wisdom teeth.
To understand the role of CBCT imaging in oral surgery and its use in surgical planning.
To appreciate the principles of socket preservation post extraction, and the varying materials that can be used to perform this.
Surgical complications and their management.
An introduction to the placement of dental implants with demonstration and practising on human cadavers.

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