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Customised Bone Regeneration (CBR) with Yxoss CBR

18 November 2023 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Date: 18 November 2023 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Location: London
Price: £690 Early Bird, £750 from 1 August

Organised by: Dental Iceberg of Dental Iceberg
Phone: 07399257896

Further details about this event

Learn Customised Bone Regeneration from the founder of Yxoss CBR, Dr Marcus Seiler. Step-by step protocols for Customised Bone Regeneration of complex bone defects using the Yxoss CBR mesh. Hands-on soft tissue management & fixation techniques on animal jaws and models.

Aims & Objectives

Yxoss CBR is a contoured, form-stable scaffold with lattice structure made of pure titanium for shaping the bone graft. It can be placed above and around the bone defect with a very precise fit enabling stability and precision of the planned augmentation volume. Time-consuming impressions, cutting, shaping and adapting are no longer necessary and sharp edges from cutting conventional meshes are entirely eliminated.

This course will focus on all stages of Customised Bone Regeneration from the digital planning to the surgical placement including horizontal and vertical augmentations, soft tissue management, management of complications and removal of the scaffold.

Event Content

-Scientific background of bone augmentation: shell technique, block grafting
-From GBR to CBR. How CBR compares to other bone regeneration techniques
-Introduction into the CBR® technique: technical details
-Protocols for Yxoss CBR placement
-Horizontal and vertical bone augmentation with CBR
-Soft tissue management, flap design, incision guidance
-Backward Planning: integrated implant positioning in the surgical planning. (Opening already integrated in the Yxoss CBR® scaffold serving as a surgical guide for future positioning of the implant pilot drill)
-Complications: possible causes and how to avoid them
-Troubleshooting: What to do when dehiscence occurs
-Tips and tricks for the placement and easy removal Yxoss CBR
-Presentation of clinical cases

-practice of techniques on animal jaws and models
-Soft tissue management, flap design and incisions on animal jaws
-Fixation techniques of the lattice on models
-Placement and easy removal of the Yxoss CBR


-Develop an understanding of how Yxoss bone regeneration compares to other augmentation techniques
-Understand the advantages of digital treatment planning
-Get to know the Yxoss surgical protocols, required instrumentations and materials
-Develop hands-on experience of horizontal and vertical bone augmentation with CBR
-Develop hands-on experience of soft tissue management for CBR working on animal jaws
-Learn the method of Backward Planning
-Learn prevention and management of complications associated with Yxoss CBR placement

Resulting Qualification

8 hours verifiable CPD

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