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Pterygoid Implant placement

4 February 2023 9:01AM – 15 December 2022 10:35AM

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Date: 4 February 2023 9:01AM – 15 December 2022 10:35AM
Location: Online
Price: 797.00

Organised by: Dipak Shah of ROOTT Implants
Phone: 02036336150

Further details about this event

Learn how to install the Pterygoid Implant, Dr Henri Diederich (Top 100 Doctor) shows you step-by-step the how to place the Pterygoid Implant from position of Patient through to Prosthesis

Aims & Objectives

Provide an overview of relevant anatomy, treatment options and contra-indications to procedures.
Pterygoid Implant placement is focused on the following concept:
1. Simplifying the surgical procedures
2. Shortening the healing period after surgery
3. Reducing post operation after care and complications

Reduce the number of treatment steps and lower clinical costs.

Event Content

Course Details
Section 1: Anatomy (Reading and Illustrations)1. Pterygomaxillary Anatomy
2. Maxillary Tuberosity
3. Pterygoid Process
4. The Pyramidal Process
5. Sectional Anatomy

Section 2: Placement of the Pterygoid Implant (Reading and Illustrations)
1. Placement Overview
2. Insertion and Angulation
3. Implant Insertion Tools
4. Insertion and Final Position
5. Removal of Implant (if necessary)
6. Transfers and Caps

Section 3: Patient Cases (X-Rays and Pictures) (150+ slides)
1. Patient X-Rays and Pictures
2. Additional Patient Prosthetics

Section 4: VIDEOS – Placement of the Pterygoid Implant
1. Practical Placement Introduction
2. Position of Patient
3. Skull View of the Pterygoid Region
4. Position of the Implant
5. 3D Model
6. Insertion Technique
7. Impression Technique
8. Healing Caps
9. Prosthesis

Section 5: VIDEOS – ‘Live Surgery’
1. Surface Preparation
2. Pilot Drill
3. Pterygoid Implant Placement
4. Removal of Implant placement tools


Certification of participation
Sufficient knowledge to place Pterygoid Implants after online training

Resulting Qualification

Certification of participation

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