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Dental Photography and Presentation Course

3 February 9:00AM – 4 February 5:30PM 2023

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Date: 3 February 9:00AM – 4 February 5:30PM 2023
Location: LCIAD Academy, W1G 8GW
Price: £795.00 or £995.00 to include a nurse

A 2-day course on taking consistent dental photographs, image optimisation, archiving and presenting.

Aims & Objectives

This course aims to teach the basics of daily dental photography for purposes of patient consultation, diagnosis, assessment and documentation of clinical work.

Good quality dental photographic is a critical part of a patient’s clinical record forever. A consistent protocol also gives our patients reassurance regarding professionalism and accountability.

It will also go over how photographs are then optimised, archived and used for presentations. These presentations may be for laboratory communication, marketing, sharing with your colleagues involved with patient treatment or for study club or podium presentation.

The full workflow from camera setup and photography techniques will be covered with a full day of practical hands-on experience.

We will also cover the use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge for the optimisation and archiving of these photographs. We will cover PowerPoint and Keynote processes for the creation of branded presentation templates for your practice and tips and tricks to be able to create quick but professional-looking presentations in minutes.

Event Content

Day 1
- The importance of consistent dental photography to record day-to-day clinical work for education, information and as a defence in a litigious world.
- Introducing and setting up the modern digital SLR, lenses, flashes and their relevant functions including date, white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter speed values, flash intensity values and positioning, photography format and the importance of these values on the quality of the image such as focus, depth of field, exposure, orientation and capture of texture.
- Patient and assistant positioning. Preparation, armamentarium including use of mirrors and retractors and hints and tricks for taking consistent clinical photographs every time.
- Photographing different scenarios – consultations, restorative work, surgery, treatment sequences, laboratory work, pathology and developing a protocol for consistent performance.
- Hands-on clinical photography

Day 2
- Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge
- Uploading photographs and permitted optimisation using Adobe Photoshop without altering content.
- The use of Adobe Bridge to batch rename, date, number and tag photographs for consistent search and developing a keywords list.
- Introducing Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote and the creation of customised templates for brand or practice identity.
- A quick technique for importing photographs for presentation or digital smile design and aesthetic planning. Create a presentation of your patient in under a minute.
- Annotating images for laboratory communication and for patient visualisation


4 hours of didactic lecturing.

Approximately 10 hours of hands-on practical photography, photograph optimisation, setting up and mastering the day-to-day functions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge for your own practice and the use of PowerPoint and Keynote.

Full printouts of the course will be provided with step-by-step instructions and techniques.

Resulting Qualification

12 hours verifiable CPD. GDC Learning Outcomes: A, B, C and D.


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