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TMJ and Occlusion

4 November 9:00AM – 5 November 5:00PM 2022

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Date: 4 November 9:00AM – 5 November 5:00PM 2022
Location: LCIAD Academy
Price: £695.00, or £795.00 with a nurse.

Organised by: Sarah Ward of LCIAD Academy
Phone: 020 7323 3041

Further details about this event

Analysing and diagnosing TMJ and occlusal problems in practice from the start can prevent many hours of frustration and costly mistakes in dental care.
Learn how to systematically examine, document and diagnose TMJ and occlusal disease patterns.
Prescribe suitable preventive and remedial treatments and ensure that your dentistry stands the test of time by controlling destructive occlusal forces.

Aims & Objectives

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and occlusal function and dysfunction for the general dental practitioner.

By the end of the course, the delegate will understand how to:

examine and analyse a patient’s TMJ function, occlusal scheme and envelope
diagnose TMJ and occlusal dysfunction and understand the mechanisms by which they occur and the premature damage that deranged occlusions can cause.

Event Content

Day 1


The principals and determinants of occlusion – how it all fits together
The importance of proper TMJ examination, diagnosis and treatment
Occlusal analysis and detection of pathological occlusal processes – what are we looking for?
The principles and use of deprogrammers

Record taking (practical) and laboratory communication
The use of MRI in TMJ diagnosis (Dr Kevin Lotzof)
Day 2


Articulating casts and occlusal analysis and equilibration (practical)
Occlusal schemes – natural variation vs orthodontically treated vs reconstructed occlusions

Planning occlusal schemes, vertical dimension and achieving harmony of function, aesthetics and stability
Long-term stability and occlusion of teeth, implants and reconstructed dentitions
Maintenance and monitoring to prevent future problems
Case discussions on how certain scenarios would be treated in practice and avoiding pitfalls in unusual occlusal schemes.


6 hours of didactic lecturing.

Approximately 6 hours of hands-on practical examination, photographic and video recording of occlusion, record-taking, laboratory steps and use of articulators.

Full printouts of the course will be provided with step-by-step instructions and techniques.

Resulting Qualification

GDC Learning Outcomes: A, C and D, CPD: 12 hours verifiable CPD.

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