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Webinar: Supportive Implant Therapy

20 April 2021

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Presented by: Claire McCarthy
Host: Georgios Margaritis
Date: 20 April 2021
Time: 19:00

Prevention and early intervention of peri-implant mucositis is considered the first line of defence in maintaining implants in health and function to ensure long-term survival.  Timely and effective treatment of peri-implant mucositis may even prevent (Jepsen et al, 2015) or delay progression to peri-implantitis (Lang & Berglundh, 2011), an irreversible infectious condition affecting the alveolar bone, that fatally compromises osseointegration.  Prevalence of peri-implant mucositis is high, reported in approximately 80% of patients and 50% of all implants (Zitzmann & Berglundh 2008, Roos-Jansaker et al 2006). 

In this session we will examine the three elements of supportive implant therapy and how best to clinically manage early peri-implant complications, together with a strategic approach to improve adherence to self-care and recall intervals. This session will discuss the key aspects of implant examination, professional mechanical plaque removal from titanium surfaces and prostheses, and explore the role of the patient in disease prevention and treatment.


Delegates will have a deeper understanding of the three main components of a supportive implant therapy appointment. 

This session will also discuss appointment structure to enable provision of implant maintenance during Covid-19 restriction of AGP's.


Learning Objectives

  • To explain the elements of a comprehensive examination protocol for peri-implant tissues
  • To know which instruments are considered safe ans effective to remove biofilm and calculus from implant surfaces and why
  • To describe the role of the patient in the treatment and longevity of dental implants and their restorative counterparts and discuss how to improve adherence to recall and homecare recommendations



Claire teaches Periodontology & Implant Dentistry at NYU in New York where she is adjunct professor and course coordinator.  She is an honorary clinical fellow at Guys and St. Thomas' NHS Trust and treats patients in private specialist practice in London.  She is currently undertaking a PhD at Kings College London.

She graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2000 and has a combined 24 years clinical experience and 18 years as a researcher and faculty on BDS, Hygiene & Therapy undergraduate programmes and teaching at Postgraduate level on MSc in Periodontology, Implant Dentistry in the UK and the US. 

She is the former head of the BDS year 2 periodontology programme at King’s College London.  She completed a master’s degree in Higher Education in 2007 and is fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

She lectures nationally and internationally as well as delivering hands on courses in all aspects of non-surgical periodontal and implant therapy.  She is a published author in peer-review journals and has contributed to two textbooks and consults practice owners, dental teams and industry on non-surgical therapy, device and instrument design and on patient and public engagement.

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