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Webinar: Apicectomy or Implant: Should We Delay Implant Placement?

16 February 2021

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Presented by: Irene Siekpe
Host: Susan Nelson
Date: 16 February 2021
Time: 19:00

Removing a tooth and replacing it with a prosthesis or removing the pathology above a tooth, thus conserving the tooth, is a decision that many long-term practitioners are trained to consider. With the popularity of implant treatment, the decision to either remove the pathology by means of an apicoectomy procedure or extracting the tooth hardly gets considered. Most teeth with apical pathology get replaced with implants without any opportunity given to explore if the tooth would have survived with a more conservative treatment plan. This presentation gives scenarios where extraction and implant placement may have been considered by most, but an alternative treatment plan of apicoectomy was chosen. It also highlights some benefits of exploring this treatment option.


Learning Objectives:

  • To encourage a more conservative approach when dealing with teeth showing apical pathology
  • To highlight how this conservative approach benefits both patient and dentist


Irene Amrore is a General Dental Practitioner with a special interest in the field of Implant Dentistry. Irene has been practicing implant dentistry since 2004 and has a Masters Degree in this field. Although she enjoys placing implants, Irene also enjoys restoring implants as well as other advanced restorative work, Short Term Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry in general. Irene incorporated extra-maxillary implants into her skill set in 2016. Irene's ethos is to try as much as possible to conserve before she restores.

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