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Webinar: Periodontology and Peri-implant Disease

19 January 2021

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Presented by: Ulpee Darbar
Host: Amit Mistry
Date: 19 January 2021
Time: 19:00

Peri-implant disease is a time bomb waiting to explode. Periodontal disease affects up to 60% of the population with many incurring tooth loss.  Dental implants have been used as the tooth replacement option to minimise the psychological impact of the tooth loss, however, careful planning is essential to ensure predictable outcomes minimising the risk of peri-implant disease in these patients.  As clinicians push the boundaries of care, the risk of peri-implantitis in these patients has become a challenge and a nightmare. 


The aim of this lecture is to focus on the predictable provision of dental implants in periodontally compromised patients. The lecture will provide an overview of the connection between periodontal disease and peri-implant disease with tips on how to minimise the risks and the communication with patients. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session the participant should be able to:

  • Describe the connection with periodontal disease and peri-implant disease
  • Evaluate the steps to follow to minimise the risk of peri-implant disease and associated complications
  • Discuss the ways in which to mitigate these complications
  • Consider how to manage and communicate these to the patient


Ulpee is a full time Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and is also on the specialist lists in Restorative Dentistry, Periodontology and Prosthodontics. She maintains a busy clinical practice applying the principles of good clinical practice. Her key areas of interest are in the rehabilitation of periodontally compromised patients requiring complex and multidisciplinary interventions including implants which often necessitate soft and hard tissue augmentation to achieve predictable results undertaking both non- surgical and surgical management.  She has extensive experience in her field and in particular managing post treatment complications particularly implant related to improve predictability. Her philosophy of clinical care revolves around good clinical practice and standards of care with patients at the core of their treatment.  She is also extensively involved in teaching and runs successful training courses for dentists, specialists and dental care professionals focussing on treatment planning and soft tissue and hard tissue augmentation as well as the perio-restorative/implant interface where the need for soft tissues to improve treatment outcomes is essential and managing complications. She provides guidance and advice to many dentists and specialists on career aspirations and clinical aspects of care and is an expert witness for the Defence Organisations. She is actively involved in research having published a number of papers and has written the first book on dental implants for dental nurses. She lectures extensively in these areas both nationally and internationally and shares her first hand clinical experiences with treatment outcomes with the groups she teaches and lectures.  

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