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Hands-on Workshops

We are pleased to announce that for the first time ever we are providing exhibitors with the opportunity to run hands-on workshops at the ADI Team Congress 2021. This will be a great opportunity for companies to build strong relationships and increase product awareness with their current and prospective customers.

These will be held on the morning of Thursday 6 May 2021 and then repeated that afternoon, and will be held in eight meeting rooms outside the Central Hall:

Room Capacity per session Cost per room Status
Central 3 25 £2500.00 +VAT Booked
Central 4 22 £2200.00 +VAT Booked
Central 5 25 £2500.00 +VAT Booked
Central 6 15 £1500.00 +VAT Booked
Central 7 25 £2500.00 +VAT Booked
Cobden 2 20 £2000.00 +VAT Booked
Cobden 3 35 £3500.00 +VAT Booked
Cobden 4 20 £2000.00 +VAT Booked
Central 8 25 £2500.00 +VAT Provisionally Booked
Cobden 1 9 £900.00 +VAT Available

Key details:

The opportunity is only available to companies who book an Exhibition stand.

Both Exhibition stands and hands-on workshop rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis for bookings received via the website.

The company runs a hands-on workshop in the morning session and repeats it in the afternoon session, and is responsible for all aspects of running its hands-on workshop, including speakers, staffing, equipment and materials.

ADI provides the room with a basic AV package, promotes the workshops and handles delegate bookings (when Congress bookings go live). 

Delegates will book to attend hands-on workshops via the Congress website on a first come first served basis. Only Congress delegates will be able to attend hands-on workshops.

We will ask hands-on workshop delegates for their permission to give you their contact details in advance of the Congress, to enable you to provide workshop information and to build up your relationship with the delegates.

Please note that we have a firm deadline of 30 November 2020 for companies running hands-on workshops to provide us with full details of their workshops for the Congress website (including title, abstract, timings, speaker name/photo and company logo), as delegates will need this information when delegate booking goes live.

See the A - Z Guide and section 14 of the Exhibitor Terms & Conditions for further details about the Hands-on Workshops.