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ADI Extraordinary General Meeting

19:00 on Monday 28 September 2020

Please click below to register to attend the EGM. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the EGM

Please click here to view a notice of an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of ADI at 19:00 on Monday 28 September 2020.  Given the ongoing pandemic, this EGM is proposed to be held entirely electronically using Zoom, which is currently permitted due to a temporary change in the law.  That change permits companies like ADI to hold electronic general meetings (only until 30 September this year) despite the current lack of relevant provisions in the articles of association. 
The purpose of the EGM is to make some administrative changes to ADI’s articles of association that will permit us to continue to hold partly or fully electronic general meetings in this way once the pandemic is over, and the law has reverted to its usual state.  No other changes are proposed to be made at this time.  Once the articles have been amended, the AGM in November can also be held electronically.  We hope that this will make attending general meetings much simpler for members in future, and will increase the usual level of engagement.  While the risk of Covid-19 infection persists, this will obviously also make attendance much safer for everyone.
Also available to download from the website are two copies of the articles of association as proposed to be amended; these are in clean and tracked changes versions.  At the EGM, we can answer any questions that members may have, but for now we have set out below a brief summary.  The main amendments are to article 10.  Some of the changes are just to clarify the article and are not substantive (changes shown in green indicate that provisions have been moved, rather than altered). The substantive changes are:

-        In article 10.7 (under the proposed numbering), that members may attend any general meeting by “Virtual Means”, as defined.
-        “Virtual Means” essentially includes any means by which a member may communicate during the meeting with other attendees, and vote of the relevant business (see the definition in article 20).
-        The notice, quorum and other requirements are unchanged.
-        Voting by “Show of Hands” is now defined – and therefore capitalised where it appears in the articles – so that it expressly includes equivalent voting by suitable Virtual Means.

Download ADI amended articles - tracked

Download ADI amended articles - clean