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Call for Nominations for the ADI Committee 2021-2023


ADI invites members interested in participating in the leadership of the Association to stand for ADI Committee for a 2-year term to take effect from the AGM on Saturday 6 November 2021. 

ADI members will receive an email from the ADI Executive Director with instructions on how to submit a self-nomination via the ADI website. Current Committee members who wish to stand for re-election for another 2-year term must undertake the same self-nomination process.

Committee members are directors and trustees of ADI. Please refer to the document Role and Responsibilities of Committee Members to find out what the role involves.

Committee members will be expected to attend Committee meetings in London (typically four per year, from 10.00am to 4.00pm). 

Clinician Members will be able to stand for the Committee role of Regional Representative in one of the following voting Regions (based on the post code of the member’s correspondence address):
North East England
North West England
East Central England
West Central England
South East England
South West England
Northern Ireland

Regional Representatives are responsible for the overall running and hosting of Study Clubs in their Region (administrative support is provided by the ADI office). Regional Representatives also liaise with members in their electoral region to ensure that their educational interests are being met.

Technician and Laboratory Members can stand for the Committee role of Technical Representative, who liaises with Technician and Laboratory Members to ensure that their educational interests are being met.

DCP Members can stand for the Committee role of DCP Representative, who liaises with DCP Members to ensure that their educational interests are being met.

Self-nomination Process

Members who intend to self-nominate should review the following documents:

Role and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Committee Code of Conduct

Conflicts Policy

You will be asked to email the Executive Director a completed Declaration of Interests form if you provide a self-nomination.

If there is only one self-nomination for a post, that person is deemed elected unopposed. If there is more than one self-nomination for a post, then a ballot will be undertaken during September 2021 to determine the outcome. For a Regional Representative post, all Clinician Members in the Region are eligible to vote. For the Technical Representative post, all Technician and Laboratory Members are eligible to vote (one vote per Laboratory Member). The Executive Director will inform self-nominees following the self-nomination deadline whether a ballot will be required.

The results of the Elections will be announced to the membership at the AGM on 6 November 2021. (The AGM is being held during the Members’ National Forum at the Royal College of Physicians, London.)