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2023 highlights

Fun and high-quality education was in great supply at the 2023 Team Congress, where hundreds of delegates enjoyed internationally-renowned speakers, a major trade exhibition and various social events. Themed “Individual Excellence or Team Triumphs”, the dynamic programme gave all members of the dental implant team food for thought, as well as inspiring many to up their game in practice.

ADI President, Amit Patel, opened the event by thanking the amazing ADI team who had made this record-breaking Congress a possibility. He was also grateful to the Board, who “had the vision to help move the ADI forwards”, including the establishment of the brand-new Next Generation Committee for up-and-coming dentists new to the implant field. 

When it comes to reaching for the stars, there was no better way to kick things off than with a keynote from someone who knows what it’s like to go to space. Tim Peake, military helicopter pilot and ESA astronaut demonstrated that no matter what the challenge, all you need for success is the right people, the right preparation and the right plan. He shared some fascinating insights into his remarkable career, demonstrating that with passion, communication and collaboration, even the greatest obstacles can be overcome.

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We asked our delegates what they particularly liked about the event:

  • "Hands-on lectures including the dental implant surgical set-up; the content of the lectures, e.g. different types of suturing; nice mix of inspirational and educational talks"
  • "Learning about new technology and ways nurses can help plan surgery as well as hand on with scanners."
  • "Opening ceremony, I have never been to any conference or team congress for any association where they had such an incredible speaker for the opening ceremony as Tim Peake! The congress dinner was so well thought out, and great to see and meet so many familiar faces!"
  • "Networking; - last lecture for hygienists on Friday "Dental Success and the Human Factor?"; i found it very inspirational and it helped me understand how to improve my worklife balance"