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ADI Team Congress 2025
The Implant Aesthetic Kaleidoscope: Vision, Precision, transformation

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1 - 3 May 2025 | The Brighton Centre, Brighton

Welcome to the ADI Team Congress 2025 - your gateway to the exciting world of implant dentistry! Our theme this year is the “Implant Aesthetic Kaleidoscope" and it's more than just a fancy name - it represents the colourful complexity of what we do.

Just like a kaleidoscope requires various elements to create its mesmerizing patterns, successful implant procedures rely on a mix of skills, techniques, and expertise from the entire team to form a beautiful result.

We have programmes designed to support the entire dental implant community, including students, nurses, hygienists, and technicians. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, there's something for everyone at ADI Team Congress 2025.

Missed the last one? Catch up below!


What to Expect

Inspiring Lectures

Inspiring Lectures

A unique opportunity to hear experts’ differing opinions on key issues in implant dentistry today.

Extensive Exhibition 2

Extensive Exhibition

Discover the latest developments, services and emerging concepts in the dental market.

Hands On Workshops 2

Hands-on Workshops

Get hands-on and receive expert guidance from leading companies and practitioners.

Unmissable Social Events 2

Unmissable Social Events

Many unforgettable moments to be had at our range of social events!