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Masterclass June 2012
Monday 18 June 2012
An Evening with Professor Jon B Suzuki DDS PhD MBA
'New Guidelines on Bisphosphonates in Dentistry'

President's Address

In 2008, the ADI invited Professor Jon Suzuki to write and present a White Paper on dental surgical management of patients receiving bisphosphonates. Professor Suzuki is a leading expert on this subject, and his experience has included being immediate past Chairman of the Food and Drug Administration Dental Products Panel.

Following the successful publication of the white paper, we are delighted to welcome Professor Suzuki back to the UK to present an update and to discuss his findings in a lecture entitled 'New Guidelines on Bisphosphonates in Dentistry'.

The learning objectives of Jon Suzuki's lecture are:

  • To update the ADI white paper on Bisphosphonates and to discuss the recent changes in the management of bisphosphonate patients.
  • How to treat patients on Bisphosphonates with reference to socket augmentation techniques in preparation for implant treatment, discussing relative advantages and disadvantages re the timing of implant placement after tooth extraction.
  • To understand the flow chart of management of patients on Bisphosphonates for different categories such as those with or without co-morbidities; those on additional medication/risk factors; those on long history of bisphosphonates; iv bisphosphonates; etc.
  • To look at complications after extractions/implants in bisphosphonate patients and current understanding of the management of these complications.

The updated ADI guidelines on Bisphosphonates will be available on the ADI website following this presentation.

I hope you do not miss this opportunity to hear Professor Suzuki on this very important and relevant topic that affects an increasingly large proportion of our patients. As in 2008 we are expecting Jon's lecture to be oversubscribed so sign up now to avoid any disappointment.

I look forward to welcoming you in London on the 18 June for what I am sure will be an outstanding educational event presented by such a highly respected world class expert.

Cemal Ucer

Cemal Ucer