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    The Association of Dental Implantology is a charity whose mission is to advance education in the field of dental implantology for the benefit of the public.

A Dentist's Guide to Implantology

Are you a patient?

The Association of Dental Implantology has set up a special site, 'Considering Dental Implants' for Patients to be able to find unbiased information about implants.

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ADI Team Congress 2019

The ADI Team Congress 2019 will explore current hot topics and look to the future to discover what’s next in the world of implant dentistry.

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ADI Focus Meeting 2018

Hear from our six speakers on the topic “Innovations in Dental Implantology”, and gain insights into the latest innovations to help you develop your clinical practice.


ADI Events

Piezosurgery Applied to Implant Dentistry
27 September 2018
Newcastle Study Club

To Socket Shield or Not to Socket Shield… That is the Question!
27 September 2018
Motherwell Study Club

Prosthetically Designed Implant Placement for the 21st Century
1 October 2018
London Study Club

The Uses and Advantages of Using the PRGF Endoret System in Surgery
2 October 2018
Winchester Study Club

The Future of Implant Dentistry
10 October 2018
Belfast Study Club