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Focus on Peri-implantitis
Focus on Peri-implantitis
Monday 1 February 2010
Savoy Place
London WC2R OBL

A very big thank you to the very many ADI members and non members who attended the 'SELL OUT' Focus on Peri-implantitis meeting on 1 February.

The President
Four reports are now available:

  • Professor Andrea Mombelli: Differential microbial diagnosis and appropriate antimicrobial therapies for peri-implant infections
    Report by Simon Wright and David Speechley
  • Professor Niklaus Lang: Peri-implantitis as an opportunistic infection – the challenge for the future in dental medicine
    Report by Sunny Kaushal
  • Professor Stefan Renvert: Epidemiology and therapy of peri-implant disease
    Report by Aase Elniff Larsen
  • Professor Tord Berglundh: Peri-implantitis – characteristics, prevalence and implant surface as a risk
    Report by David Offord