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ADI Members' Interactive Forum

This interactive forum is frequently used by members, of all experience levels, to help each other by discussing problems to establish the best possible pathway in the care of the implant patient. It can be used for seeking advice and raising points of interest to colleagues, whether it be Training Standards, specialisation, how to source a product, or any other implant related topic.

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Forum Etiquette

Members should be aware of the guidelines on forum etiquette before making posts.

Users of the forum are expected to be professional, courteous, respectful of others and of other people's opinions and beliefs. Members conduct on the forum should be consistent with Professional Conduct that is normally expected from a dental professional. Members must not make posts or send private messages through this forum that contain inaccurate, unsubstantiated, untrue or insulting/inflammatory statements or profanity; racial, ethnic, religious, gender-based or sexual orientation discriminations; pornographic material.

Members must ensure that the information they present on the forum is truthful and non-fraudulent. Members must not bait, stalk or harass other members on the forum. Attachments including images may be posted as long as they are not offensive and conform to GDC patient confidentiality guidelines.

Members will be responsible for any breach of confidentiality that can occur through release of patient sensitive information or images even if these are posted unanimously. Reproduction or copying such clinically sensitive patient information without specific patient consent is not permissible. Members should refrain from posting unsubstantiated or denigrating claims about a product or a commercial company unless they can back up these claims. Any thread or post that is either reported or deemed by Moderators as to be offensive or contrary to these general guidelines will be locked and/or moved and possibly deleted. Locking/Moving or deleting threads is done at the sole discretion of the Moderators. Users may not argue a Moderator's decision publicly. Moderators reserve the right to ban members from the forum if forum etiquette is not observed.

Members are solely responsible for their words or contents of their posts. The ADI will not be held accountable for the opinions stated or contents posted by its members in the forum and no liability whatsoever will be accepted for the consequences of any inaccurate data, opinion or statement.

Members are reminded that any advice they take from other members including ADI trustees in the forum is done so of their own free will and with no endorsement from the ADI. The information presented in the forum, under no circumstances should be regarded as recommendation from the ADI for any one particular type of dental treatment or material.