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ADI Focus Meeting: Innovations in Dental Implantology

17 November 2018
ADI Focus Meeting

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Date: 17 November 2018
Location: ICC Birmingham

Gain insights into the latest innovations to help you develop your clinical practice...

All scientific progress arises from the germ of an idea, which is then developed in controlled research trials before it is widely disseminated through education, before being adopted as part of normal clinical practice some years later. This ADI Focus Meeting is our first to specifically cover ‘Innovations’ – areas of implant dentistry where a product or technique has been developed over the last few years, and the ADI has judged that it has now gained a level of credibility and acceptance within the scientific dental community to be presented to our Members on a larger stage.

We have invited luminaries from the UK and overseas to present the current state of the art in their field of activity: Anas Aloum (Abu Dhabi) – Full arch restorations using zirconia; Rana Al-Falaki (UK) – Lasers and peri-implantitis; Howard Gluckman (South Africa) – Partial extraction therapies; Ziv Mazor (Israel) – Osseodensification; Costa Nicolopoulos (Dubai) – Immediate loading with permanent restorations within 7 days; Karl Ulrich Volz (Switzerland) – Non-metallic ceramic dental implants.

We need to be prudent when considering changing our current ways of practising, since these reflect our training and provide a ‘comfort zone’ for what we currently do. However, implant dentistry never stands still and by attending this meeting you will have a unique opportunity to quiz these innovators about their own work and will gain insights that will help you develop your own clinical practice in the future.

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