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Motherwell Study Club - 19 May 2016

The ABC of Dental Implant and Bone Graft Success

Presented by: Barry Edwards
Exhibitor: Southern Implants UK, Trycare Ltd, NSK
Date: 19 May 2016
Time: 1900 Registration 1930 Lecture
Location: Dakota Hotel Eurocentral, 1-3 Parklands Avenue, Motherwell, Nr Glasgow, ML1 4WQ

I have been involved with Dental Implants and Augmentation Materials for over 50 years. In that time I have pushed the boundaries, hopefully forward, and have tried to apply the principles of Basic Science.

Change is never popular with the teaching profession or the trade suppliers as it often undermines the established doctrines and product design. The forward movement of the boundaries is evident in history and I will attempt to relate the history of dental implant and graft materials and procedures to the important aspect of success and failure.

I will present a protocol for a high level of success with dental implants and graft procedures and a philosophy for a successful prognosis of the completed case using available materials and simple rules in clinical practice. Finally I will discuss where we are heading in the evolution of dental implant philosophy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge of the history of dental implant and graft materials.
  • Knowledge of a protocol for a high level of success with dental implants and graft procedures.
  • Awareness of how dental implant philosophy might evolve.


Barry Edwards graduated at Sydney University in 1963, his interest in dental implants was ignited by Professor Cam Graham in the second year of dental college in 1959. Barry moved to London shortly after graduating and became the owner of a practice in Bloomsbury in 1965. He studied the clinical application of implants under the expert guidance of Hans Orlay in London and attended the Lariboisiere Hospital in Paris to study the clinical application of dental implants.

He became a Fellow and Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 1968. From 1967-1972 Barry was the Vice President of the British Endosseous Implant Society. In 1986 he was the president and founder of the ADI and later went on to become Honorary Chairman (1998) and an Honorary Life Member of the Association of Dental Implantology. In 1999 Barry was made honorary treasurer of the BDA Metropolitan Branch he later went on to become the President (2001).

He has restricted his practice to Dental Implant treatment since 1986 and is the MD, Research Officer, Consultant & Lecturer for Intoss Dental Implant Systems Ltd 1987-2014.

He has published various research papers on different aspects of implants and is acknowledged as inventor of the angled internal hex-lock abutment that he patented in Oct 1986, he also designed an immediate implant, specialised implant drills and many other implant devices widely used today.

Barry is dedicated to mentoring, teaching and passing on his experience to his colleagues so that their patients may benefit. He has lectured internationally since 1968. He is very interested in defining the causes of tooth loss and the elimination of the causes before the teeth are restored to provide long term protection for the remaining teeth and the intended restorations.

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