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London Study Club - 19 November 2015

Biological Principles of Bone Healing and Physiology of Guided Bone Regeneration: Results of a Randomized Study Investigating Four Different Biomaterials and PRF in Transcrestal Sinuslifting and Subperiostal Tunnel-Technique in the Maxilla Based on Piezot

Presented by: Angelo Troedhan
Exhibitor: Megagen Implants (UK) Ltd, Cavendish Imaging Ltd, DIO Implants
Date: 19 November 2015
Time: 1830 Drinks Reception 1900 Lecture 2030 Dinner - Dress Code: Smart/Casual, no jeans or trainers - Attendance must be pre-booked.
Location: The Savile Club, 69 Brook Street, London, W1K 4ER

Bone healing and guided bone-regeneration follow the same biological principles: after “natural” or iatrogenic lesion the first step in successful healing is a sufficient vascularization of the lesion-gap or augmentation-scaffold as well as proper immobilization to enable the periosteum- which is the sole carrier of bone healing – to restore bone. Scaffold-filling biomaterials in augmentation sites act only as place-holders and stabilizers of the scaffold. PRF – a concentrate of natural blood-clot - might speed up vascularization of the scaffold as recent studies suggest.

Four different biomaterials were tested in sinuslift- and subperiostal-tunnel-technique-procedures performed with ultrasonic device Piezotome and then compared for their performance after healing at implant insertion by the clinical most important paramenter, the insertion torque value. The results of the study will be presented and discussed.

Learning Objectives: - Biology of bone regeneration - Biology of guided bone regeneration with biomaterials - Relevance for clinical implantology


Dr.Dr. Troedhan founded the TKW-Research-Group in 2007, developing applications, ultrasonic tools and surgical protocols for ultrasonic-surgery-devices and is co-patent-holder of the tHUCSL-INTRALIFT application as well as the flapless Crest-Splitting-procedure. His scientific focus is centered on research in ultrasonic surgical applications and biomaterials in dental implantology, guided- bone-restoration and maxillofacial surgery and scientific cooperations with ENT and Neurosurgery-disciplines to introduce ultrasonic surgery, his worldwide teaching activities are committed to the distribution of knowledge and praxis-training of oral-surgeons in ultrasonic surgery and implantology. In this commitment he currently chairs the International Academy for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology (IAUSI) as President.

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