Global Interdisciplinary Implant Symposia


Global Interdisciplinary Implant Symposia


02 April 2020


04 April 2020


Keystone PALTOP

Event Location:

Aria Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Contact Name:

Robert Teague

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Event aims:

SCIENCE: Understand the scientific evidence, surgical and prosthetic protocols supporting immediate provisionalization and loading to maximize aesthetic outcomes. COMPLICATIONS: Learn new technologies to prevent or minimize complications, AESTHETICS: Improve efficiency and soft tissue outcomes when utilizing this digital workflow from initial presentation to final restoration. Identify proper tissue management and grafting protocols for optimal aesthetic results. PROSTHETICS: Explore various prostheses advantages and disadvantages, including factors to consider when selecting materials, as well as methods for evaluating long-term treatment outcomes to exceed patient expectations. FULL ARCH: Discover a streamlined approach to minimize or eliminate grafting for implant-supported, full-arch rehabilitation. COMPROMISED CASES: Learn how to identify compromised situations such as infections, neglect or limited residual alveolar bone.

Event content:

An exemplary faculty from all disciplines of dentistry will lecture and facilitate dynamic hands-on learning opportunities to supplement the scientific sessions.

Event Benefits:

Keystone PALTOP UK customers receive complimentary registration + 3 nights stay + 15 free implants when purchasing a 35 implant Keystone PALTOP starter kit.