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Major Bone Augmentation Roadshow


Major Bone Augmentation Roadshow


17 October 2019


Geistlich Biomaterials

Event Location:

Fusion Dental, Cardiff

Contact Name:

Hazel Woodward

Contact Phone:

0161 490 2038

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Event aims:

Register now for 'Major Bone Augmentation Roadshow', with leading international speaker & innovator Dr Marcus Seiler. 

'Major Bone Augmentation Roadshow'

Tuesday 15th October An evening lecture, case discussion and Q&A Dakota Eurocentral, Glasgow £99

Event content:

The learning aims for this evening lecture are:

-Discuss the development of a novel customised solution for major 3D defects -Review case documentations using this new material -Discuss optimal flap design (crestal, split flap and poncho flap) and soft-tissue handling considerations when dealing with titanium mesh

Event Benefits:

The treatment of 3 dimensional defects is a challenge in everyday implant surgery. Conventional autogenous bone blocks increase patient morbidity and are known to suffer from resorption of the bone volume.

The introduction of patient specific individual structures utilising digital workflow significantly shortens the intervention period and offers predictable results. It also defines the target contour of the regenerated alveolar ridge for later implant insertion and, in combination with bone augmentation material, provides stability for complex three-dimensional cases.

Yxoss CBR® revolutionises oral bone augmentation by customising the commonly used titanium meshes to fit the individual anatomy of each patient.