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4th Southend Oral Surgery Sympsoium


4th Southend Oral Surgery Sympsoium


18 May 2018


Kandy Ganesan

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Southend University Hopsital NHS Trust

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Kandy Ganesan

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01702 435555

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Event aims:

Themed on"Maxillary Sinus and Oral Surgery"

SOSS created with a vision to create a platform for clinicians to share and learn- an opportunity which is not usually available in conferences.

This is supported well by the education department of Southend University Hospitals NHS Trust and therefore the cost of symposium kept bare minimum to enable us to provide this programme in a cheaper way to share high-quality knowledge and experience amongst peers.

SOSS programmes held for one day with a chosen topic with various lectures presented by the experts in that field and everything is dissected to give a clearer knowledge and understanding of that topic

Event content:

Themed on"Maxillary Sinus and Oral Surgery"

Understanding the anatomy of maxillary sinus- to achieve good surgical outcomes

Mr Mark Singh – Consultant OMFS, Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust Role of advanced imaging in the maxillofacial skeleton

Miss Bhagyalakshmi Batchu – Consultant in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology & Clinical Lead, King's College Dental Hospital Endoscopic access to maxillary sinus

-Mr Martyn Barnes– Consultant Rhinologist, Southend University Hospitals NHS trust

Common challenges faced in Oral Surgery -Mr Kandy Ganesan – Consultant Oral Surgeon, Southend University Hospitals NHS trust and Hon Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds

Early Detection of diseases of the maxillary sinus -Mr. Ketan Shah, Consultant OMFS, Morriston Hospital, Swansea

Grafting Options and solutions for substantial augmentation- obtaining success and managing failures -Dr. Shankar Iyer, President AAID Director Smile USA, Asst Prof, Rutgers University

Short Implants as an alternative to sinus augmentation and conventional implants -Mr. Mital Patel- Consultant Restorative Dentistry, Bart Health NHS Trust, Dental Institute, London

Event Benefits:

Awesome line up aimed at demystifying a key anatomical structure we should all be aware of, especially when placing Implants in the posterior maxilla